Winter storm Riley (also how tinder saved my life)

So if you haven’t been living under a rock, or holed up in a bathroom doing drugs, there was this nor’easter storm Friday that was really fucking awful and it was named Riley and NATURALLY something super dramatic had to unfold for me during said storm.

Now I don’t know why I let anyone convince me otherwise but I went from believing there would be snow to saying ehhhh it’s too warm.

No. The. Fuck. It was not.

It was a nice QUIET day in the ER – the day before I wanted to slam my head into a bag of bricks and I don’t even do anything THAT important there so I can only imagine how the nurses felt. So friday I was diggin the chill vibe. And then I look up and see snow flying around outside.

No biggie. It’s just a little snow.

But when I leave and have to walk outside, I’m like snappp i feel like ray Charles trying to cross the street. It was then I knew it was going to take 17 years to get to my baby and get home.

If you know anything about where I work it took me TWO HOURS to get from university city just past the Lincoln / kelly drive exit still on 76? I think or whatever I’m bad with road names. So I start to pick up the pace a little when all of a sudden my car starts yelling that my tire pressure is low – 3 out of 4 are at 32 and one is at 20.


I start frantically thinking – just got the car checked last weekend, 12 points lower than the others and out of nowhere? where the fuck can I get air ,wawa? , no it’s gonna go flat .

I text my dad – two minutes later traffic has slowed down again and I hear thump thump thump . I think maaaaaybeee it’s just the road. Thump thump. I pull over in the shoulder – climb out my passenger side door in my mesh Nike’s and step right into 3 inches of nice cold slush. It’s windy as hell, cold, and there it is a nice big flat. I get back in the car and legit just start crying like this has to be a cruel joke. I am so tired and stressed and all i wanted was to go home and relax with the baby – how am I even going to get her now.

I call my dad panicking, he tells me to find the number for roadside on the back of my insurance card but I can’t and I’m in full fledge panic to the point that I can’t think rationally or at all. I call my friend Ashley and tell her I need her and her husband to get the baby (thank you god for them because they did and our daycare was out of power too) .

Once I had someone to get riley I then had to figure out what I was going to do. I checked for a spare which I had and huge thanks to not a single soul that stopped to help when I have a baby on board sticker on the back of my car and was struggling to find the tire… really shows the state of our world. Oh well I digress.

Anyway, I find the tire but still can’t find my roadside number and as I stated I’m in panic mode and can’t think. So I just sit there crying, thinking about how I’m going to just die in my car on the side of the road (Drama city here) when all of a sudden I get a text from this guy at work. His texts always just say LEX. And this one was no different. In the midst of my breakdown I was like NOT NOW KEV! βœ‹πŸΌ I’m having a Kim Kardashian’s sized meltdown on the side of the road what do you need? Of course I said it a little nicer .

Kevin calls me and asks where I am- I literally have no idea I’m just sitting by mile marker 335.3 which he claims is right by his house but like why do you know that weirdo πŸ˜‚ jk so he says he will come help me but I’m like really not committed to the idea of this male nurse changing my tire or coming out in this awful weather – it’s that bad. But roadside estimates a 60 year wait time so I decide to let Kevin come help. He arrives really quickly and god bless his soul changes my tire in the freezing cold wind and rain with BARE hands. I apparently had makeup all over my face which he kindly never mentioned πŸ˜‘ but he saved me, my sweet bald angel πŸ‘ΌπŸ»

Now I’m like over the moon thankful and I tell him I owe him dinner and hug him and he’s like ya no big deal as if this was just an every day thing for him. But as a girl that can’t change a tire it was much appreciated so I text him thank you again to which he replies – “it’s really no big deal I was just texting you to make fun of you for being on tinder.”

Shut. The fuck. Up.

If you don’t know what tinder is it’s a dating app. I legit had just turned mine on during lunch at the hospital and kept the mileage low at 10mi to see if any hot doctors were on (that would be a negative) and forgot to hide my profile again.

SO in conclusion if I had not broken down right there within 10mi of him, he would have never seen me on tinder and texted me and I’d probably still be sitting in my car stuck on stupid on the side of 76. AND THAT is how tinder saved my life. (If we are being dramatic)

Also two minutes after walking into the house with the baby my power went off until late Saturday night.

So that my friends was my riley storm experience – never the fuck again please .

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