Happy Birthday Dad

I was 7 when my mom passed away from breast cancer (a story for another day), my sister was 2 – my dad now in charge of raising two young girls alone.

GIRLS. The man is a saint for that alone.

As a single mom, I can now say I appreciate even more everything my father did for us. I know he worked his ass off to give us everything we not only needed but wanted and trust and believe this girl was down for shopping trips to the Limited Too whenever possible.

Some of my favorite memories are from the early days, when it was just the three of us- dad would pick us up from school and daycare and as we drove down my aunts street we would decide where to eat that night. At least one night a week we ended up at the Pizza Stop, where he taught me higher level math on the back of their paper placemats while we waited on our food. Friday nights meant blockbuster – usually a scary movie we’d watch together. In the spring we would ride bikes on the trails, me on a sparkly purple bike, my dad on his chrome blue bike with my sister strapped on the back in her toddler seat; my favorite however was playing baseball behind our townhouse. Those days felt so simple for me but I’m sure were crazy for him – there were spelling lists to go over, lunches to make, a toddler to care for, and then ya know being an adult and having a a life while trying to process the loss of your wife, and pay bills and other adult stuff.

Please pause and give a Round of applause πŸ‘πŸΌ

My dad did everything he could for us, he volunteered as the school nurse, went on school trips, helped with science projects … ( just kidding he basically did them, and a few 3rd grade book reports ), picked out my prom dresses, showed up to sports events and showed off on the dance floor at a few father daughter dances. Above all, he was present, and continually providing unconditional love – which is all I could ever really ask for or need.

As I got older I had my struggles, I wasn’t a saint of a teenager and I sure as shit wasn’t a great young adult, but my dad never gave up on me – he always believed there was good in me and that I was worth saving, that his daughter was more than the drugs I put in my body and that I could use my struggles to help other people. It was a very long rough road to get there though.

When you’re ripping and running and burning bridges, most people don’t stand around in the debris, let alone try to help you rebuild them. My dad was willing to and has chased me through the flames and brought me out to the other side.

Now I’m being metaphorical, so if you’re a little slow today, what I’m saying is, my dad was willing to do whatever he had to to save me from my own self destruction and help me get to a place where I could help other people and that makes him the bomb dot com.

The true extent of my fathers love was most evident A few years ago when I had used up all my options and was content with just dying a useless junkie. I was in a terrible accident, couldn’t walk, was being a scumbag in the hospital and pushing everyone that gave a damn away from me, so my dad who is frantically calling all my friends and then getting no where cause I’m being an ass decides to drive all the way to Florida to bring me home. The drive itself is a bitch but my dad is on dialysis, so it was no easy feat to get to me, but he did. I was miserable, and barely human but he took my miserable broken bone ass home (listening to Adele on repeat most of the way πŸ˜‚ sorry) and helped get me where I am today and for that I am forever grateful.

Like I said earlier, most importantly, my dad has always been present and has shown and taught me the meaning of unconditional love. These days he extends that love to Riley aka his first grandbaby and probably his favorite human ever. I know there is nothing he wouldn’t do for she or I or my sister. He is truly a man with a big heart.

But enough rambling….

here’s to you Joe P, 2Pop, Dad – the guy with all the best dance moves, the prettiest blue eyes and the chilliest street strut ever! Hope you have the best birthday yet!! Love you to the moon and back!

Also Please enjoy his dance moves below

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad

  1. This is such a beautiful testament to your father … your words brought tears to my eyes. How blessed to know such love as the love a father has for his daughter. XoXo

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