The Comeback Kid

Hi guys here's a piece by my second guest author - Gillian! I met Gill a few years ago while she was moving into a friends / going crazy with Christmas decorations in the best way! Though we don't know each other that well- I will always remember how sweet she was when Riley was [...]

Donโ€™t fucking 302 Me.

30. Probably my most difficult year. Every year has it's ups and downs, but 30 really put me through the ringer mentally, and some days definitely still suck a lot, but here I am writing again (begrudgingly, thank you autorenew lmao) and trying to pull myself from a sometimes crippling depression. This isn't a give [...]

Cha-cha-changes. ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ

Last April our psychiatric department closed at one of the hospitals โ€“ this alone did not mean a ton for me work wise as most of my time was spent at the CRC (crisis response center), but it was definitely the start of some major changes. At the time I was per diem working anywhere [...]