Philadelphia is for lovers. And really good dope.

It's Christmas night at residence - i have to leave around 3 for the airport so I forgo sleep - instead i lay on the couch staring up at the ceiling, anxiety brewing. Everyone there has tried to convince me to stay - staff and clients, right up until I step out of the techs [...]

Baby Bump Vibes 🤞🏼💙💘

Today is a very important day, all your good vibes and prayers are appreciated greatly. Two of my very best friends are trying to become parents and are doing a natural transfer at 10am! It has been a very rough road over the past several years, and I am sure I only know a small [...]

Winter storm Riley (also how tinder saved my life)

Winter storm Riley (also how tinder saved my life)

So if you haven't been living under a rock, or holed up in a bathroom doing drugs, there was this nor'easter storm Friday that was really fucking awful and it was named Riley and NATURALLY something super dramatic had to unfold for me during said storm. Now I don't know why I let anyone convince [...]