Baby Blues.

I've been laying low for the last few weeks for various reasons - mainly to try and cherish each moment I have left of my maternity leave but also because I've had mom brain and haven't quite been sure what to write about. I'm not vain enough to think people care about our every day [...]


I have trashed and rewritten this post so many times - I haven't really been too sure what to say about everything and honesty some days the things I wrote were full of resentment (justified but still) and others they just didn't make sense because I think I actually have redbull pulsing through my veins [...]

Home sweet home.

What a whirlwind of a week. I don't know where to start, everything has been a blur. Over the last month Riley, who I thought was having belly problems and difficulty with her formula, slowly but surely began drinking less at each feeding. I guess mid last week I noticed she was also screaming and [...]